Required Forms for Cremation

There are a variety of forms and information needed in the process of making arrangements for your loved one. American Cremations Inc. has made it convenient for you to view, print out, and fax/scan or return these forms to make this transition as simple as possible. Click on the appropriate form to view:

Authorization Form
This Authorization Form authorizes the removal of remains to be transported to American Cremations, Inc. for the purpose of cremation.

Cremation Authorization Form
The Cremation Authorization Form gives permission to Treasure Coast Crematory and American Cremations Inc. to cremate the remains. This authorization form must be notarized.

Certificate of Death Form
In filing of the Certificate of Death form, American Cremations has put together a simplified form for your convenience. Please fill it out in its entirity and return to us for processing.

How many Death Certificates do I need?
American Cremations provides you with one Death Certificate and has put together a helpful information sheet on how to determine how many additional certificates you may need.

Obituary Information Form
This useful form helps in determining the information you may need for an obituary.